About Me

Yep, that's me in the middle.

I’m Benji Haworth. I’ve been a mountain bike journalist, photographer and videographer for over seven years now. Blimey.

I’ve ridden dozens of bikes, on hundreds of trails, and taken thousands of photographs and written tens of thousands of words about messing about on bikes. Long may it continue.

I write serious words, silly words, editorial stuff, technical stuff, PR, copywriting, event organisation, flowery prose, hard boiled copy and anything else in between.

I take landscape pics, action pics, product shots, portrait shots, arty abstracts, stockfile filler and much else besides.

Video is my New Big Thing. I love making little films. People seem to like watching them too.

If you want someone to write some words, shoot some snaps or grab some video, editorial or advertorial, then don’t be shy, get in touch.

It doesn’t have to be stuff about bicycles either. Punt me up.

Any bike can be a good bike.

Email: benjaminhaworth@gmail.com
Mobile: +44 7779 828285