Tick that box

Yesterday I spent exploring, riding, photographing and wooping around some hills along the north coast of Wales.

I’d been wanting to see what was up there for many a year. I’ve driven past the coastal hills numerous times on my way to Snowdonia or Anglesey or the Llyn Peninsula.

You could say that the hills have been calling me for quite some time.

Finally there arose a job for a magazine feature that could be executed in these hills. And it coincided with the first azure blue sky day for quite some time. Bonus.

As is often the way with riding-for-mag-photo-features the route we followed wasn’t your regular loop-type of thing. It was mostly a day of linking up half a dozen different key spots that looked (on the map and Google Earth) like they’d have some good photographic potential.

As it happened this anti-route turned out to be a great ride. Stone circles, big views, ridgelines, bigger views, phenomenal singletrack, hike-a-bike sweat-fests, golden light, damp backs and hot brakes.

The photographic aspect of the mag feature is now no problem. I’ve got more than enough good shots to go in there.

The wordy aspect of the feature is not so straightforward. Somewhat typically I now want to stray from the brief. Which is frequently possible and editors don’t generally mind so long as the original general intent is still in there somewhere.

We shall see what comes through the keyboard in a couple of days when it comes to writing it up.


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