Moving v still

A film inspired by a mountain bike photography course that I’m running this March with Ed from Great Rock. The film was shot during a day out scouting for trails.

Video is ace. Photography is ace. They each do a different job.

For the purposes on the photography course myself and Ed need to find a location, and a route, that tick all the required boxes. It needs to be somewhere with decent, varied trails and big scenery that’s er… scenic in all weathers.

We don’t want somewhere overly ‘epic’ or technically demanding as it’ll be a mixed ability group who are principally there to learn about photography. Having said that, we don’t just want to spend the entire day sessioning one section of trail over and over again for the cameras. A modest but rewarding and enjoyable ride will be the icing on the cake. I want to impart ‘real world’ photography techniques, tips and tricks that clients can use when heading out on regular rides.

It looks like we’ve found our location. And worked out a suitable route. Hopefully we’ll not be needing to deal with snow and ice next time.

For more info on this photography course go to:-

Music: ‘It’s This I am’ by Evie Sands.

More from the excellent, Dusty Springfield’s favourite singer, still-touring, still-amazing Evie Sands…


One response to “Moving v still

  1. thats a lovely piece of work 🙂

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