Train set

Last week I got to play in a proper photo studio. I’ve done a fair bit of studio stuff before but only in smaller, semi-improvised spaces. The job this time was shooting some new bikes. Classic side-on shots, 3/4 shots and close-up detail shots.

A photostudio can look a bit daunting at first with expensive stuff everywhere and lots of switches, tripods, softboxes and cables scattered about the place. In reality all of this paraphernalia is there to make life much simpler.

Once you’ve done a couple of studio shoots, you’ve learned 99% of it. And on the day, once the studio is set up, it stays put and provides a consistency that you can rely on. Nice, even, reliable light. This leaves you to get on with positioning the subject/product and working your way through your ticklist of ‘must get’ shots.

All of this multi-thousand pounds worth of kit can be undone by something small but important. Like forgetting to bring some fishing wire for doing the ‘balancing bike’ shots. Oops. We worked it out in the end though. Just about.

cotic simple

To see the rest of the pics in their rightful place go to and



6 responses to “Train set

  1. Large numpty hat for us to share, eh? Fishing wire in the camera back at all times in future.

  2. Well, we had to do something to extend our time in there and get your money’s worth :]

  3. The post-production monkey cloned out the string fine. Fishing wire is easier to remove though, and less prone to sagging/leaning.

  4. Indeed. Cotton thread is surprisingly/annoyingly stretchy!

  5. Benji, what’s your opinion on pedals? Does a bike look right without pedals??? Was this your call or Cotic’s?

  6. I can’t claim to have thought about it either way for this shoot really. Previous Cotic shoots have been pedals-off.

    Personally I think pedals-off for studio shots and pedals-on for on-trail shots.

    Pedals-on for studio shots is also fine. Pedals-off for on-trail shots is a full-on no-no.

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