1 minute of mucky fun

Still experimenting with video from my dSLR. It’s fun. I’m pretty happy with how things are turning out.

This video turned out pretty well. Light heartedness in the darkness. I’m pleased with my composition and exposure of the shots on the whole. The white balance is a bit screwy on a couple of shots but other than that, good stuff.

Videoing downhill tracks seems to gel okay with riding downhill tracks too. The practice of sessioning sections over and over again, perfecting the line, getting smoother and faster, lends itself to getting multiple takes of riders without peeing them off too much by requesting “just once more please”.

I wasn’t even really intending to shoot any video (or stills) on this ride but I’m glad I stuck the camera in my backpack. We were only shooting the latter runs and it was a quick smash ‘n’ grab half an hour that was worth it I reckon. I’m more than happy with getting one minute of video from thirty minutes of shoot time.

Very much looking forward to returning to this shoot location both to ride it some more (there is a gap jump with mine and Ed’s name written on it, apparently) and maybe to video it some more.

The music is is a track called ‘5D‘ by Death Grips by the way.


2 responses to “1 minute of mucky fun

  1. nice vid – is it Macc?

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