Crisis? What Crisis?

I’m currently suffering a loss in confidence. It’s a bugger and no mistake. Wordy work is easy when it’s easy. When it’s not easy, I find it nigh on impossible. There’s loads of reasons to do the work but at the mo they feel/sound like “pressures” rather than “motivation”. This makes for a particularly effective vicious circle. The harder I try to force, the less comes out. Constipated brain.

Annoyingly yet rewardingly, I’ve found writing words that aren’t work (like this blog) and taking photos for the sake of taking photos (rather than for work) to be extremely easy to do!

A photo taken for no reason.


3 responses to “Crisis? What Crisis?

  1. Have a look at Vitamin R for the Mac, based on the pomodoro technique. It’s quite good for getting creative types out of a rut. At least it works for me.

  2. Sounds like you need a little break. Few days off, ride bikes & drink beer, forget about words and come back refreshed.

  3. looks like I’m gonna be redundant in 2 weeks (will explain when I see you) so happy to help the, er, procrastination with a few rides 🙂

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