The Same Stuff But Quite Different

Lately I’ve been doing some work that is a bit different to the sort that I’m used to. It’s about bicycles but it’s not writing about bikes or bike riding. Basically I’ve been doing some PR and copywriting. PR about bike events. Copywriting for a bike retailer.

With the event PR I’ve been dealing with bigger amounts of money and longer-term projects than I’m used to. It’s much more like being a “consultant” and/or “project manager”. Finding sponsors, generating interest, dealing with press coverage, getting people to enter the race, coordinating ad campaigns, budget juggling, sorting “social network” things, and so on.

With the copywriting stuff I’ve been dealing with smaller amounts of stuff. For some reason I’ve found the copywriting stuff much, much harder to do. I think this has been in part due to the remit of the job. I think basically I’ve been struggling to picture the end user who I’m writing it for.

I need to pull my finger out. “Take care of the pennies” and all that. Hopefully when I see the pennies hitting my bank account I’ll find the inspiration.

Here's a pic taken before the proper snow came.

Anyway, apologies for the recent radio silence. I’m now married.


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