Week Seven

Last weekend and up until Thursday morning, pretty much all my time and concentration was taken up with things for my fiancee’s four week trip to India (as mentioned in my last blog).

Workwise, I chased down some more 20-30L hydration packs for a group test. I also tried to sort an interview with someone “mountainbikey” at Briitsh Cycling.

The main thing I did last week was assembling/editing a big feature by another writer/blogger. It took quite some time to collate together all his written-for-web words (over 8000 in total) into one document. It took even longer to turn them into a written-for-a-magazine feature. I’m very pleased with the result. It doesn’t read like a cut and pasted blog and I think with some sympathetic design it will make for a great magazine article. No doubt a lot of the magazine’s readership won’t like it – or indeed even bother to read it beyond the standfirst – but I’m sure a few people will really appreciate it and “get” it.

During a brief spell while my fiancee was out, I spent a bit of time thinking up potential feature ideas and some people/companies/magazines/websites who might be interested in them. It was only a scrawled Post-it note but it’s something I need to return to this week with a bit more concentration. I did a bit of slightly overdue invoice creating and hassling as well.

I blame racing uphill whilst wearing a full-face helmet for my bulging veins!

Then no sooner had my fiancee and I bade a tearful farewell on Thursday morning was I straight into sorting out things for the Fort William Endurance Downhill event the following Saturday. A full write-up (and video diary) of my experience of the event will be appearing online later this week. Needless to say, it was a very punishing yet genuinely fun experience. It wasn’t one of those events that only become fun with hindsight once you’ve finished. The initial Le Mans-style run followed by the string-the-pack-out fireroad climb followed by the racing descent left me “slightly” out of breath.

I did a bit of as-it-happens reporting from the event via Twitter, which I really enjoy doing. I think it’s a great way of reporting from events while they’re happening. It’s still just as important to do a more contemplative, fuller report afterwards. Little-and-often “live” Tweeting combined with decent words and pics after-the-fact is The Future.


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