Week Six

I’ll be keeping this Blog entry briefer than it could be. My fiancee Charlotte is off to India for a month later this week so we have a lot of stuff to sort out!

You can keep track of her charitable adventures in India by following her “Indian Adventures Blog”.

Last Monday and Tuesday were spent fettling and riding a Saracen Ariel. I’ve reviewed this bike already and wanted to keep hold of it to see what it could really do. I’m hoping it’s the “pocket DH slayer” that I think it might be. Later this month I’m taking this bike to compete in the Fort William 6hr Endurance Downhill. So I’ve been changing stuff on it bit by bit (I want to change it as little as possible from its original spec).

So some bigger, heftier tyres and stronger brakes were stuck on and me and my friend Jonny went to play in Wharncliffe Woods. I won’t go on too much further as a fuller write-up of the bike and my adventures will be appearing elsewhere soon enough. One thing I will say is that it was great to get back to “DH” and “hucking” type stuff after quite a long break from it and finding myself pretty much at the same point as I was last time. After a few warm-up jumps and runs I was soon enough hitting all the stuff I did before (that took me a long time to build up to previously).


Wednesday and Thursday were spent at my desk writing and planning and on the phone chasing. A couple of days spent sorting out my longer term schedule and checking in with people as to how they’re getting on with stuff that I’m involved with. I have a Big Job to do for V-Graphics guide books that’s going to take up most of my July. Which is ace but I need to make sure I don’t forget the smaller jobs I’ve doing for other folks.

Last week I also I handed in a couple of reviews for two products that I really rated. It’s nice to be able to gush about some things that genuinely deserve it.

During a little road ride on Friday I had a small moment of realisation (bike rides are great for that aren’t they?) I realised that my life is how it is now due to my Mum casually spotting a job in the local paper’s Classifieds section. Without her sitting at that particular table during her lunch break and flicking through that paper that someone had left there I wouldn’t have the life I have now.

Thanks Mum.

p.s. today is my 33 1/3 birthday. I shall be celebrating by playing vinyl records all evening.


3 responses to “Week Six

  1. Very much enjoying the blog. May I be so cheeky (or geeky) as to ask what the 2 fave products are?

  2. DT Swiss 100mm forks and Cannondale RZ One Twenty bike 🙂

  3. Ta!

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