Plunge taking and wing spreading

I’m Benji Haworth. I’ve been a mountain bike journalist and photographer for over six years now. Blimey. Time flies eh? Anyway, after being an employee on a magazine for the past few years I’ve decided to take the plunge, spread my wings and “go freelance” (I hope you appreciated the mixed metaphor there).

This blog will be a record of my (mis)adventures). I hope you find it entertaining and informative.

There appears to be roughly 8 million things to do and/or investigate when one goes freelance. Tax stuff, insurance, banking, networking, punting, pleeing and praying. But first things first, I need to sort out my workspace. Or rather workspaces – I need somewhere to write and somewhere to wrench.

retro bureau

Writing – after a couple of dramatic near-misses hunting on eBay for suitable desks I’ve finally secured myself a great looking bureau. I wanted a work desk with a bit of style, charm and character and I think this piece fits the bill nicely. Having the ability to close the bureau and shut away my work clutter will be good too – both aesthetically and psychologically! The bureau was a bargain as well, which is not an insignificant thing when entering the fiscal risk-all game of freelancing.


Wrenching –  one of the great things about our house is that is has a decent sized, well lit cellar. After several months of being here I finally managed to clear out the previous occupant’s junk, leaving me with a fairly blank canvas. So I screwed some big J-hooks in the walls for hanging bicycles from and… that’s it really. I need to source myself a few more tools and some proper tool racking. Every boy likes tools.

Right then, that’s my first blog post done. I’m off to browse the Screwfix catalogue (fun!) and to investigate the tax laws (frown!)


2 responses to “Plunge taking and wing spreading

  1. Really wish I had a cellar, last place did and I miss it.

    I assume we’ll still be seeing your work in STW amongst other places?

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